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Cranial Treatment Children

"I have brought both my children to see Martin and have had equally positive results. My daughter 8 years is autistic. Martin is committed and totally understanding of her needs, waiting patiently each treatment until she is ready for him to begin. The result is more than expected. After 6 years of tears trying to wash her hair, she now states it no longer hurts. She controlled Martin's hands and pointed out the areas needed to be treated, which Martin did happily. The bond between them now is so strong, she readily accepts his treatment."

Ms D, Brighton

Headaches, Neck, and Jaw Pain 

By the time I was 15 I had already seen a number of osteopaths for my constant neck pain, frequent head aches and jaw issues but only short term relief.

Eventually I went to see Martin, who spent the time to ask me about the pain, about any possible previous trauma to the areas, any family history of neck issues.

I noticed straight away that Martin took a different approach to my neck and jaw as he didn't seem to want to 'manipulate' the areas straight away but actually feel what was going on. At the end of the first treatment he suggested that I went for an x-ray on my neck and told me what he thought my issue was. For the first time ever, my neck and jaw actually felt better after receiving treatment.

I went for an x-ray and Martin was exactly spot on with his prognosis. The specialist was so impressed that he sent Martin a letter stating his surprise ( and relief) that an osteopath diagnosed a boney  anomaly with just the use of his hands. Martin saved me from risk of serious injury as I was immediately informed by the specialist to stop all contact sport ( although Martin had told me this already!) because I was at risk of paralysis had I taken a strong enough contact to my neck.

15 years later I still see Martin who ALWAYS relieves my pain, headaches and ‎other ailments.

I could not recommend anyone more highly than Martin, as his knowledge of the human body combined with his common sense approach and a real determination to want to make you better is the perfect combination.

Mr G, Brighton

Back Pain

"I have been a professional fitness instructor for many years, and it’s inevitable that I have had some injuries and issues.
Mine have been mostly back related, and since I was recommended to see Martin about seven (?) years ago he has helped me enormously.

Over this time I have had regular treatments to maintain my health and would suggest to any “body worker” this is a great way to keep up fitness and for Martin to spot any potential problems before they become too serious. When I have had pain, Martin quickly identifies the cause and I will always leave feeling much better. For me, because of my job I feel a visit about every 6-8 weeks suits me well.
On two occasions over the years I have had a couple of “proper injuries” requiring more urgent attention and Martin has been able to fit me in for a treatment
quickly and give me great advice. He has always been happy to chat something over on the phone too.
Over the years that I have been a patient at The Blue Door I’ve recommended five close family members and many of my clients who have all benefitted and got back on track."

Mrs F, Hove

Chronic Back Pain

I have suffered from back pain for over 15 years. Until I discovered Osteopathy I simply took pain killers endlessly. When I started seeing Martin he demonstrated how Osteopathy can improve the outcome and long term recovery. He diagnosed and targeted my problems and using a combination of Osteopathic techniques (some manipulation, some very gentle) he removed all my symptoms and pain. I believe his treatment is corrective but also preventative and has had a profound impact on me, to the point where I referred all my family members and friends to see him.

I have not needed regular treatment now for 3 years, but may drop in for a check up once a year, now that I am pain free.

Mr.P. Lancing

Holistic and Comprehensive Treatment

I have been treated over many years by Osteopaths for a varying number of back, neck, shoulder and leg pain.

I have also had shoulder surgery which ( although really well done) has given me various levels of pain and discomfort over the years. Martin has treated me for all of these things, plus the chronic leg pain I had for years (now virtually gone!) However, I always leave feeling I've had much more than just physical treatment because he tunes in immediately to his patients, their concerns, stress and other issues. He always says that this 'listening' and 'reflecting' is very much part of the osteopaths job, to always consider and review the patients case history, but most people I talk to don't know that Osteopathy has so much to offer. They think it's just cracking backs, and thats it!

I'd recommend him to anyone.


Mrs.F, Shoreham-by-Sea